Title insurance is a contract of indemnity between the insured and a title company. The form of the contract is determined by the Texas Department of Insurance. Likewise, title insurance rates in Texas are promulgated by the Department and are
uniform for all title companies. There are two major types of policy. The Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance is issued to an owner/purchaser and insures against certain listed title risks. The Mortgagee Policy of Title Insurance is issued to a lender and insures the validity of the
lender’s lien against the property. Before issuing a title policy, a careful search is made of the county, state, and federal records that affect real estate. This is accomplished by using the company abstract plant which maintains references to every deed, mortgage, death, divorce, etc. which might affect property. These instruments are examined by lay examiners employed by the title company. Based upon the results of the examination, the title company decides whether to issue a policy.

Life of a Title Search

  • Customer Service verifies legal property description and how title to real property is held.
  • Preliminary order and title search are opened.
  • Preliminary search of real property is done.
  • Title search examines real property records, general index records and tax records.
    Examiner reviews complete search package, writes and enters preliminary report into the computer.
  • Messenger service delivers prelims to escrow and lenders.
  • New documents, demand and statement of information submitted to the title company.
  • Escrow requests payoff of existing liens and tax certificates.
  • Documents are delivered to escrow and then forwarded to lenders.
  • Escrow sets up the closing date.
  • Escrow is authorized by the parties to the transaction to record the documents.
  • Closing at the title company.
  • Documents are recorded, confirmation of recording is received and liens of record are paid off.
  • Escrow officer orders title policies.
  • Data processor prepares final title policies.
  • Title policies released to client.

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