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HUHAA Nest Swing Pad, Swing Hanging Basket Seat Cushion for Poly


HUHAA Nest Swing Pad, Swing Hanging Basket Seat Cushion for Poly


Product description

HUHAA egg seat cushions providing our customers with the best and most comfortable experience to better decorate your home


1. Material: Cotton
Insert Material: Doll cotton
2.Size: Diameter 105CM
3.Note -Egg seat cushions Not Include The chair! That Resists Water Splashing And Effectively Extends The Life Of The Seat Cushion
4.After-sales service: If you have any queastions, please contact us via email, we will solve it as soon as possible.

Please allow a certain tolerance in manual measurement,the tolerance is about 3cm/1.18in.
Before the vacuum and compressed seat cushion is used,please open the package and beat it to make it fluffy.

Packing List:

1 * egg seat cushions (Chair not included)

HUHAA Nest Swing Pad, Swing Hanging Basket Seat Cushion for Poly

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      3. Your fossil must have been found during the Month of the Contest, or Significant Preparation * of your fossil must have been completed during the Month of the Contest.
      4. You must include the Date of Discovery (when found in the contest month); or the Date of Preparation Completion and Date of Discovery (if not found in the contest month).
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      • Date of Discovery
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      For just this reason, we have made the Member to Member Trades Forum a delayed permission. After a reasonable number of substantive posts, the permission will automatically be granted.

      As always, if you have any concerns a member is dishonestly trading on TFF, please privately contact anyone on the Staff.

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